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The subtitle is Some Notes and Memories. Rewritten and republished under a new name Old English Household Life in 1925. A nostalgic memoir of the old way of life, activities, people, cottages, household artefacts, gardens and farms from Gertrude Jekyll?s own county of Surrey.

Describing the traditional way of cider making, she says: 'Cider is still made with the old wooden press....The heaps of apples, mostly of the poorest orchard produce, do not look at all inviting. Many are muddy and bruised, but in they go mud and all; and when a mug of the freshly pressed juice is offered, and is accepted with some hesitation, whose outward expression is repressed for civility's sake, one is pleasantly surprised...'

She writes in the preface that ?when I was a child, all this tract of country was undiscovered; now, alas! it is overrun. In the older days, London might have been at a distance of two hundred miles. Now one can never forget that it is at little more than an hour?s journey?. 330 photographs by Gertrude Jekyll help to enliven this description of a rapidly disappearing world.

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